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I haven’t been around much. Okay at all. Im sorry. I have big things going on. Swine flu, strep, ear infections, bronchitis, doctors appointments. And photography. Seems like these are the things that have been occupying my mind lately. The monkeys are pretty much back to 100% finally, aside from some snot and coughing!

I still need to do my summer recap, and I am working on my fall list. I promise to try and post that this week sometime.

And on the topic of photography, it has been occupying my mind lately becuase I have been brainstorming and building and thinking, and shooting. I have finally decided to leap. Start shooting for other people.  I have booked a few portfolio shoots and hope to help a few families with thier Christmas photos and cards! I am building a blog and website and at somepoint I will be merging the two. I can’t possibly run 2 blogs and continue working with the girls on Creative Inspiration. So I will merge this personal blog onto my photography site and blog… eventually. For now you can find my photos here, as well as my recaps as often as I can. Bear with me. :)


Cool Thing Thursday

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Well hello. It’s me. Still alive. My apologies for not updating in a really long time. Things have been busy, and I went through a creative block, I didn’t want to do much scrapbooking or photographing, or blogging. But beware, my creativity is back ;)  So, I know you all want to know what we’ve been doing all summer right!? Well you’re gonna have to wait on that.  I do really want to share some photos and let you know how I did on my list. But that will have to be later. I’m just not feelin’ that right now. Right now, I just decided that I find cool things on the internet. I think they are cool. So why not share right? If there is anyone out there still reading, maybe you will think it’s cool too.

First of all Etsy rocks. If you have never been there, go NOW. I can wait.

There is all sorts of cool things there, and I am sure at least one cool thing will come from Etsy every. single. time. I decide to share something cool.

So today these are cool from Etsy…

so stinkin’ cute…and it even possessed me to buy a sewing machine from craigslist. Like I Need another hobby.

and I’ll probably buy this to get started ;)

Really want to make one of these, but know It probably takes much more skill than I have. Did I mention I haven’t sewn anything since 7th grade home economics class?  A stuffed racoon…still not sure why I chose that.  I digress.

I bought this for big monkey’s school snacks. And since I just bought myself a sewing machine, might as well make a few of my own right?! They are good for the planet…..that and really cute. And he loves it, or wait, maybe he could care less what his goldfish are in, but I love it.

So, yes. Etsy is cool, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Have you seen these cool handwritten fonts? End shameless plug.

I find lots of cool things from other blogs I read.  This one has a really great show and tell. And I have been ooooh-ing and Ahhhh-ing at this for days.  OK, at all the bracelets.  So simple, yet fun and classic. Love them.

So tell me why can’t I think of ANYTHING I want when it’s my birthday or Christmas? But I can find millions of things EVERY other month of the year?

Tomorrow I’ll start my summer re-cap ;) And maybe I’ll find more cool things next thursday?!!


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I am always happy to see either of my monkey’s enjoy something creative.  I can usually dismiss the mess and enjoy that they are enjoying something that I too enjoy. Among other things that I hope for them, I hope that they embrace that side of theirselves and everything that comes with that. So when Big Monkey asked to see my camera, I obliged…( I will admit this was scary for me, it is an important piece of me) But now just about every day he asks to take a picture of me, or Monkey #2, or daddy. And I do love having his “view” when I go thru the photos.  He really has a pretty good eye, or pretty good luck ;)

monkey2But this is the main benefit. Seeing myself with my babies.  Though I don’t really LOVE being on this side of the camera, I do think it is important. And now, there are plenty…the good, the bad, and well, you know the rest ;)

Happy 4th, Hope it’s Yummy!!

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I love the 4th of July. Of course I can remember being small and being terrified of it too, but now, I love it. I love fireworks SO much that I wanted to proposed to with fireworks. I was hoping by the time I was ready to get married that someone would have figured out a way of “spelling” it out with fireworks. Wouldn’t that be so cool!? Well, my hubs tried, he really TRIED to propose at least DURING fireworks. But that silly ring was burning a hole in his pocket, so he couldn’t wait and ended up doing it atop Stone Mountain.  Which was amazing, and even better, we got to celebrate with a Laser Show AND Fireworks that evening….I really didn’t plan to tell you all about that, it just happened.

Anyways…while I still, Love the fireworks, my FAVORITE part of this holiday is the FOOD. I always love a reason to try something new, something crafty, and cute. And Cakepops was on my summer list. Yep, so I had to make some 4th of july ones.


Over 5 hours one night, it took me to do HALF of these. I haven’t even finished the other half yet…And in 10 minutes it is officially the 4th. They took forever. But they looked amazing (to me anyways) and they actually TASTED amazing, much to my surprise. In case you don’t already know where I got the idea Bakerella has the instructions on her blog.  And check out the whole blog, she has some fantastic ideas!!

I hope you all enjoy your day, whether with Family or friends, eating or playing in the sun…enjoy our independence, it certainly comes at a price.  And Thanks to those who make that happen…seriously.

My Summer List Status…

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I SO love that I made this list of things to do over the summer. I might just carry on and do this EVERY season.  It is fun to do things off my list,  and MANY things I needed to get done, I probably would have kept putting off had it not been for my list.  I may not get everything done, but I am sure trying…and the things I don’t will carry over to the Fall list ;) I have been taking pictures of most of the things we do that are on my list…oh come on, I know you aren’t really surprised by that are you!? And I plan on doing a page or two with them too! I will start sharing some photos over the next week or so, but check out all my crossed out things on my list .

Want to win some fonts?

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As some of you may already know, I make fonts. Handwriting fonts for other scrapbookers so that they can use their own handwriting on their digital scrapbook pages and other projects. My shop is here at Etsy. Well, this week over at      Creative Inspiration I am giving away a font pack! So go have a look. And enter if you want! You might just win a font pack!! And, if you keep your eye on that Blog, you might just be seeing a bit more of me over there!! It excites me to inspire my fellow scrapbookers!

I promised.

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I promised I would post pictures from a recent not so recent beach visit we had. Yes this was in may. Yes I know it is June 21st.  Yes, I know I have a problem sharing pictures. No, I have no clue why this task is so difficult for me to get a handle on. Yes, one day I will figure out a good way of doing so in a timely manner. So, we will start with a page.

Sunset Visit

As you can see, the kids love the beach.  This day was particularly fun because we got to spend some time with family from Chicago.  Enjoy the glimpse into our little world ;)  We miss you guys tons Tina, come home soon!

A whole week, and some photography…

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A whole week went right by me and I didn’t blog. I do apologize for this. It has been a “normal” week in our household. A sick kid (AGAIN). Our big monkey keeps getting croup. And while I understand that this is “harmless” in most cases.  It is strange and quite scary for me. The first time it happened (only 3 weeks ago) I wasn’t home. I was away and it was a daddy night. Which was probably a good thing because my anxiety ridden default is…..WE MUST GO TO THE ER…..NOW.  Which I am sure I said no less than 7 times on Sunday night (and, no we didn’t go).  We are told this may happen whenever he gets a virus, though aside from a cough at night for a few nights there have been no other symptoms. Whew. Here is the monky getting a breathing treatment snuggling with daddy that night.


Nothing else exciting, I have been editing the photos from a shoot I did last week. Nothing fancy, just some getting some practice in. I learned a lot….babies aren’t easy.




and the big brother couldn’t be left out… ;)


Blog Candy Alert**

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Another cool find thru the wonderful world of the internet. Linnea’s Lights has some beautiful soy, hand-poured candles.  And you know I LOOOVE a good candle!!!  Today is Fire up Friday and they are giving away a Papaya Candle to a lucky commenter (I know that’s a funny word). So go on….Leave a comment HERE. It seems they will be doing this EVERY friday too, so bookmark it, add it to your reader and don’t forget to keep checking them out ;)

And one super, amazing, talented scrapper, teacher, mom, etc….is giving away a FREE photo Editing Class!! Go visit and register for the free class! You will be glad you did!

Monkey Bread…

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You may gain 5 lbs reading this post.

When I was in High School we went on a trip to Washington DC with the High School Chorus. Many great memories were made on that trip, but one that sticks out for me was my dear friend Callie and her Monkey Bread at 6am on the Charter Bus. I have no idea if it was homemade by her amazing Mom (i’m guessing it was) or if it was storebought (i’m guessing it wasn’t) but I know it was AMAZING. I’ve seen the package for this at the grocery store but I never seemed to believe that it would be AS good as that was.  And I haven’t had it since. And then…. I found THIS. If you have never checked out The Pioneer Womans Blog, it is a MUST. She is funny and sweet, and she cooks, and she homeschools, and she take pictures, and she lives on a farm. She just rocks. Anywhoo…her friend Pastor Ryan posted this amazingly, sinful recipe. It immediately brought me back, to that charter bus at 6am ;) So I decided to make it, naturally…

Monkey Bread

Now I am fairly certain that this is a different recipe than the one my friend had, but it was AMAZING. And my odd boys were dead set on using utensils. Which by the way, is just plain wrong.


My littlest monkey on the other hand, well, she is just like her momma, no fork for her ;)

no forks

Now after trying this recipe out for myself there are a few things to note:

1. A bundt pan and an angel food cake pan, they’re different. Trust me on this.

2. Nuts might be good in it or on it. Probably some pecans in the bottom of the BUNDT pan before putting the biscuits in.

3. It doesn’t last long.

also, after reading through the comments on PW’s Blog, I found a few variations…

Paula Deen’s Gorilla Bread which sounds Amazing too (and surprisingly uses LESS butter, but I am assuming the addition of cream cheese knocks that calorie count right back up ;) )

Parmesan Garlic Pull-Apart Rolls These will definitely be making an appearance at a party soon ;) I am drooling just thinking about them…..

Even Better Garlic Pull Apart Rolls with Pancetta

Now, go….Make this…do it.  (in case you didn’t follow the link to the blog post, the printable recipe is here)


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